Producers working on BBC and Sky TV commissioned programmes benefit from free, pre-cleared, direct access to any of the songs in our catalogue.  


BBC producers : Simply register here, and you can immediately download and use our music in shows, movies and promos for BBC. 


Sky TV producers: Our songs are included in the Sky TV catalogue held in Soundmouse.


USA & Canada:

For sync uses in the US and Canada, we are represented by Sweet on Top. Please contact Kristina Benson at: email.  

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong:

We are represented by Echo Music. Please contact Mr Robert Li at email 



We are represented by Ring Musik. Please contact Mr Jan Mueller at email 


We are represented by Machiavelli Music. Please contact Mr Pietro Giola at email 


We are represented by Turnkey Music and Publishing. Please contact Mr Atul Churamani  at email

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg:

We are represented by CTM Publishing. Please contact Mr Dennis Bosheck at email

Latin America:

We are represented by The Fain Music. Please contact Mr Daniel Fainzilber at email

Poland, France, Hungary, Bulgaria & Romania :

We are represented by Schubert Music. Please contact Mr Gusztav Stiedl at email


Russia and CIS: 

We are represented by Schubert Music. Please contact Ms Jelena Bosha at email


All Other Uses:

For any other uses and to download our music, please register here


Why register? Registered users can download masters & instrumental versions, as well as a metadata sheet for each song.