Here at Feel Good Music Publishing we work with a select group of artists covering multiple genres such as Pop, Rock, Soul, EDM, Down-tempo and Adult Contemporary.

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Nu-Neon are an exciting new writing and production team who use collaboration with fresh vocalists and songwriters to create unique cutting edge pop.  They are the in-house production team behind a number of our artists in the Feel Good Music Catalogue helping make music that is perfect for sync.

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Big guitar riffs, big gritty basslines, big powerful vocals, and big beat-led power anthems perfect for punching the air! Fusing classic rock with massive beats, Outcast Angles are the drivers of an out of control sonic juggernaut.

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Drawing on the rich musical heritage of Stax, Motown and Spectre-era Girl groups, The Narelles are a vocal power-house that breath new melody and life into the sound of classic soul with that added modern twist.


Using memories, family, hurt and redemption, Stealing Secrets are a music collective that lay emotions bare to write honest and bittersweet songs of hope.

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Rebel Hearts are the illegitimate children of Ennio Morricone and Elvis Presley mining deep into the heart of 50’s Americana and Spaghetti Westerns to create their unique brand of Desert Rock & Roll.

Listen to their EP's:

  • Feeling Lucky

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Born out of a love for the turn of the century chillout aesthetic Phonics Is Flawed fuse lush instrumentation, dream-like vocals and sonic textures to paint musical pictures.

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