We wanted to try a new way of doing things. To bridge the gap between traditional easy-to-clear, but sometimes creatively limited library music, and more inspiring but often expensive and hard-to-clear commercially available songs. So in late 2019, we set up Feel Good Music Publishing, a boutique publishing company in the UK, with the goal of creating and representing original songs with the quality and commercial ease needed for sync. 


Feel Good Music Publishing are experienced and passionate songwriters, producers and artists who believe quality songwriting and production is paramount. We have used this principle to create a catalogue of original songs ranging from pop, rock, hip hop, soul and adult contemporary. Each track contains positive, empowering lyrics with the creative originality and production values of commercially released tracks, while covering key themes and emotions demanded for Film, TV and advertising.  All songs are fully cleared, and come with instrumentals and stems that allow production teams the ability to shape our songs to their creative vision. In short: Songs That Sync.


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“Feel Good Music Publishing have an incredible range of brilliantly written and impeccably produced feel good songs that sound like they could be found on any streaming service, while at the same time being completely relevant and useful for TV and film productions. This feels like something quite unique.”


Since launching, Feel Good Music Publishing signed a non-exclusive direct licensing deal with both BBC and Sky TV to pre-clear our catalogue for their commissioned programmes and promos in the UK. This has been followed by exclusive sub-publishing deals in multiple territories including Sweet on Top/Peer Music in Los Angeles for representation in the US and Canadian markets, CTM in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg, Ring Musik in Germany, Echo music in China, Taiwan & Hong Kong, Machiavelli Music in Italy, Turnkey Music in India and The Fain Music in Latin America.  Feel Good Music Publishing continues to build our reputation, relationships and catalogue so the music we represent is used and enjoyed in productions throughout the world.